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Smart technology in a simple package

Qnetex ERP is built with the specific challenges and processes of your foodservice business in mind, so it supports a huge range of activities – but it can easily be personalised to fit the specific tasks of your team, making it quick and easy for everyone to get to grips with. It allows you to manage everything from sales and stock to your warehouse and deliveries, all in one place and from any device, giving you insight into the bigger picture of your business. And all with simple, per-user pricing.

What Qnetex helps you do

Better understand and support your customers

Keep all your sales and customer data in one place – so you can more confidently help them when they need it, as well as generate insights and spot trends and opportunities.

Make smarter, more strategic stock decisions

Organise and automate your purchasing processes – so you can buy and hold as little stock as possible, while always having what you need to keep customers happy.
Run a better organised and more efficient warehouse
Know exactly what stock you’ve got and where it is, with software designed to be used on the move – so you can get the right goods in and out of the door, faster.
Make your deliveries easier to plan and track
Get information about your deliveries as they happen – saving time and money and helping you resolve any problems just minutes after they occur.

Anyone, anytime, anywhere

The Qnetex software is based online and works on both desktop and mobile devices – so your teams can use it whenever they need to and wherever they are, confident that everything they’re looking at is being updated in real time. It’s also hosted on the cloud, which means you don’t need to spend extra on in-house IT support or infrastructure. Plus, it’s much harder for your data to be lost, damaged, or stolen.

Support as well as software

When you choose Qnetex ERP you’re not just getting a product, you’re getting a partnership.

We take the stress out of getting things set up.

One of our qualified project managers will work closely with you to keep things on time and on track as we get Qnetex up and running in your business.

We make sure your team know what they’re doing.

We can train the whole team together or split them into smaller groups depending on their roles, and we design the sessions around people’s key tasks and responsibilities as well as their level of technical ability.

We use our business knowledge to boost yours.

After 30 years of partnering foodservice companies we’re no strangers to the challenges and opportunities of your industry. So while our software makes your business processes quicker and easier, our consultants also offer advice and ideas to make them stronger.

We give you a dedicated technical support person.

You’ll never have to go through a generic customer service line – you can go straight to a human being who knows your set up and is ready to answer questions, solve problems, and help you plan for changes so the software can develop as your business grows.

Hear from a happy customer

“A big problem for us used to be wasting money on constantly buying new cages.

Because our drivers were handling all the POD data on paper, and then other staff were scanning and rekeying all the info when the drivers came back to the depot, it seemed impossible to keep track of how many goods cages had been left with each customer. Or even if it got recorded right, somehow that info didn’t make it into the system when we were sorting out future deliveries to that address, so the driver wasn’t told to pick up any cages. So in theory the cages were meant to be picked up and reused, but in reality hundreds each year were just getting lost.

Now Qnetex has completely solved that problem. All our POD data gets logged digitally on the spot and viewed immediately by our team back at the depot, and drivers can easily record if anything is different from the original manifest – like if any goods (and their cages) have been refused. So now we know exactly how many cages are left with a customer and can straight away add that info to the schedule so they can be collected on the next drop.

It’s such a simple thing, but it’s saved us so much money and time. And since getting Qnetex we’ve not lost a single cage!”

Sally, a coffee-addicted warehouse manager in Warwickshire who has three dogs and wants to get a fourth

Don't need to replace your whole ERP?

Key aspects of Qnetex are available separately as standalone apps, which plug in seamlessly to your existing ERP. So we've got Qshop, which gives you the benefits of online trading without the hassle and cost of taking online payments. Qstock gives you the depth and flexibility of recording you need to run a better organised and more efficient warehouse. And Qdrop has all the ePOD functionality you need to make your deliveries faster, safer, and easier to track.

Want to use Qnetex on the go?

We’ve teamed up with digital pioneers Zebra to bring you the latest, smartest mobile technology. From rugged smartphones to handheld and wearable computers, we can help you find and buy the right devices to support your team when they’re on the move.