Your warehouse

Run a better organised and more efficient warehouse
Qnetex ERP gives you the depth and flexibility of recording you need to be sure of exactly what stock you’ve got and where it is. Combined with huge freedom in the design of putaway and picking rules, stock counting management, and replenishment methods, that means you can optimise your processes to best fit your particular warehouse. Plus, the software’s designed to be used on the move – so it takes fewer staff to get the work done, as well as saving time and improving accuracy as everything can be handled right on the warehouse floor.

Just a few of the things you can do with Qnetex

Handle goods checking even when things don’t go exactly to plan – so your team can not only record standard delivery details and reconcile deliveries to purchase orders, but also reject unwanted deliveries (or goods within deliveries) or accept unexpected goods. 

Record best-before dates, giving you cradle-to-grave traceability – so you can easily track products from their source through to the end customer.
Design a putaway system that’s efficient and easy to follow, but which can also be manually overridden – plus define different maps and putaway rules for multiple locations, so you can optimise for each warehouse layout.
Manage inter-warehouse transfers, easily recording and tracking products as they move between depots.
Choose how you manage stock counting (e.g. by aisle, or by customised product group) and choose how often to instigate a count (e.g. count fast movers or high-value lines more often), so there’s less disruption for your warehouse team and it’s easier to spot discrepancies and avoid out-of-stocks.

Set up whatever methods of replenishment best fit your warehouse (wave, top-up, interactive, etc) as well as trigger emergency replenishments – so you’re always ready to give customers what they need.

Qnetex makes it easier to…

Deal with the unexpected

However carefully you hone your business processes, there will always be things that just don’t fit neatly into the system. Being able to automate processes while still leaving room for human input means that when something unexpected happens your team can easily log it and move on – rather than wasting time on complicated workarounds, or causing problems later on because something couldn’t be recorded accurately.

Minimise your losses

Mistakes in the warehouse – misplaced stock, lost orders, incorrect picking – can result in huge costs for your business. The level of detail Qnetex is set up to record, combined with its flexibility to handle non-standard data, makes it much easier to know exactly what you’ve got and where it is. Plus, making better use of automation means you can guarantee greater accuracy, simply taking the opportunity for human error out of the equation.

Have a happier team

With huge flexibility in the design of storing rules, and the ability to optimise for each particular warehouse layout, you can create a much more positive experience for your team. More efficient putaway processes and picking paths mean less confusion and congestion in the warehouse, so both putaway and picking staff can work faster, more safely, and with less travel. So you can get the right goods in and out of the door, faster.

Make the most of hub and spoke

With hub-and-spoke functionality, Qnetex lets you manage depots and stock with ease. You can spot opportunities to move stock and improve efficiency, assemble deliveries by route or order, take advantages of economies of scale to bring down your costs and stay on top of best-before dates to bring down wastage. 

Hear from a happy customer

“Thanks to Qnetex we’ve gone from having a piece of paper for absolutely every job on the floor to having no paper whatsoever.

For years we’ve been slowed down by an entirely paper-based warehouse system, where every job that needed doing had to have a piece of paper to accompany it and tell someone what to do, whether this was receiving goods, moving stock, picking, whatever. All these bits of paper flying around were so easy to lose or damage, and the person carrying out the task would always need to write down exactly what they’d done – so you can imagine the difficulties this caused, especially when we were really busy. Plus we needed people in the office to coordinate the whole process and keep a check on what was going on.

Now that we’re using the Qnetex mobile apps to manage the warehouse it’s a different world – an amazingly simple paperless one. The way that the Qnetex apps have been designed makes them so easy to use, and the app guides the user through every stage of their task step by step, so the guys in the warehouse took to them from day one. The apps are also all fully integrated with the main Qnetex ERP, so as a manager I have complete up-to-the-second visibility of warehouse performance and get immediate sight of any issues.

The best thing is that since using the Qnetex apps our throughput has really increased and our error rate has plummeted, which means happier customers and fewer returns.”

Peter, an F1-obsessed warehouse manager in Oxfordshire whose hobby is fixing up old cars

Qnetex supports every area of your business

Your customers

Keep all your sales and customer data in one place – so you can more confidently help them when they need it, as well as generate insights and spot trends and opportunities.

Your purchasing

Organise and automate your purchasing processes – so you can buy and hold as little stock as possible, while always having what you need to keep customers happy.

Your deliveries

Track and get information on your deliveries as they happen – saving time and money and helping you resolve any problems just minutes after they occur.

Want to use Qnetex on the go?

We’ve teamed up with digital pioneers Zebra to bring you the latest, smartest mobile technology. From rugged smartphones to handheld and wearable computers, we can help you find and buy the right devices to support your team when they’re on the move.