Spot the opportunities that can grow your foodservice business by managing everything you do in one place

Qnetex helps you with everything from processing orders and managing stock to organising your warehouse and tracking deliveries – all in a single ERP.
It can easily be personalised to fit the tasks of your team, so it’s quick and easy for everyone to get to grips with. Plus, it’s based online and hosted on the cloud – designed to be used on the move. So you can get real-time information and insights from across the business anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Find out how Qnetex can help your food business run smoothly and efficiently.

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How Qnetex helps you

Better understand and support your customers

Make smarter, more strategic stock decisions

Run a better organised and more efficient warehouse
Make your deliveries easier to plan and track

Powered by foodservice experts

We’ve been partnering with foodservice brands for over 30 years now, and our smart, inventive team of developers know distribution technology inside out. So we’ve got both the experience and the know-how to support the exact challenges and processes of your foodservice business.

Hear from a happy customer

“Fresh goods (like fruit and veg) are a major part of our business, but just-in-time orders can be really tricky and we’ve had huge challenges with waste and making sure deliveries are truly fresh.

So it’s been amazing to have Qnetex automate virtually the whole process, giving us total confidence that the produce will be delivered overnight ready to go out to the customer the next day. Now I don’t need to worry about how much fresh product we should be buying – Qnetex just collates the orders we’ve had from our customers and emails our supplier throughout the day to tell them how much of each product we’ll need. If the quantity goes up or down in the course of the day it doesn’t matter, because Qnetex always tells the supplier of any changes in demand.

Then at the end of the day all we have to do is send the final order to our supplier and they do the rest. And the goods come in already packed for the customer and Qnetex just adds them to the customer’s invoice as ready-picked.

Now we’re pretty much at zero waste, plus we’ve got really happy customers with super fresh produce. Everyone’s a winner!”

Hayley, a cat-loving buyer in Northamptonshire who wanted to be an astronaut when she was younger

Just need help managing your deliveries?

The chunk of our software that helps make your deliveries faster, safer, and easier to track – called Qdrop – is available as a standalone app. Easy to integrate with your existing systems, it lets you manage everything from recording driver working hours and collecting POD data to tracking vehicles and sharing delivery details with your customer service team in real time.