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Grow your sales while your team sleep

Qshop gives you the sales and marketing power of an online shop without the hassle and cost of an online payment system. It means your customers can log in to their accounts at any time and from any device, ordering at their convenience not yours – leaving your customer service team free to focus on building relationships, not keying in orders. And it’s all powered by the latest AI technology, which learns about your customers’ habits and preferences and automatically handles cross-sells and upsells – so your sales are growing without any extra work from your team.

Just a few of the things you can do with Qshop

Give your customers the freedom to place orders whenever they like, while still managing their spending with built-in restrictions that make sure they don’t go over their credit limits.

Create accounts for each customer – which can have multiple users – so as well as placing new orders they can also log in and look over things like past orders or invoices.

Steer your customers towards the products you want them to buy, as you decide exactly which products and ranges each account is able to see.

Make re-ordering quick and easy for customers with barcode scanning, which works with laptop and desktop cameras as well as mobile devices.

Personalise pricing for each customer, choosing which promotions they get shown and setting product prices differently according to their contract or buying habits.

Get the size and power of a full website while your customers enjoy the speed and features of a mobile app, as Qshop’s PWA technology gives a seamless experience across laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones.

Qshop makes it easier to…

Put your customers in the driving seat

From shopping and banking to booking holidays, people are used to getting what they need at any time and on any device. With Qshop you can give them that same flexibility and freedom with their food ordering, as they can place orders whenever they like without needing one of your reps to be available. Plus the system makes it easy to build lists of frequently-ordered products or re-order items from previous orders, and they can even choose whether lists are shared with other users on their account or kept private.

Make more from each order

Just like your sales reps tailor their approach to each customer, so does Qshop. Using the latest developments in artificial intelligence, the system learns about how each customer finds products and what makes them buy. It can then show them relevant promotions, from simple percentage or value discounts to customer-specific multibuys and bundle deals – even integrating upsells into the checkout process, like prompting a customer to add more products or higher volumes in order to benefit from a deal.

Manage sales your way

When we set you up with Qshop we’re not just sticking your logo on a ready-made product – every shop is created and built individually, so we can develop special features unique to your business and your processes. So however you like to record and view data, whatever pricing models you prefer to use, and however you want to organise and display your products and ranges, you’ll know you’ve got a system that supports the way you choose to do business, rather than one that forces you to work in a particular way.

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Want to handle your sales​ on the same system as the rest of your business processes?

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