Get your tech for Qnetex

Don’t just upgrade your systems –
upgrade the tech you run them on
We’ve teamed up with digital pioneers Zebra to bring you the latest, smartest mobile technology. From rugged smartphones to handheld and wearable computers, we can help you find and buy the right devices as part of your Qnetex ERP package.
TC26: The rugged smartphone
One of the strongest elements of Qnetex is that it helps make your deliveries faster and easier to track, allowing drivers more control over the data they can record on the spot. So they need tech that’s as smart and flexible as the software it’s running. The TC26 rugged smartphone boasts a real scanner as well as a camera, a large touchscreen, a highly resilient design, and a battery that guarantees all-day power. Plus there’s virtually no learning curve, as thanks to the Android OS your team can work using the same familiar gestures – like pinch and zoom – as they use on their personal smartphone.
Just a few of the things you
can do with the TC26
Capture any electronic or printed barcode, in virtually any condition, with the built-in point-and-shoot scanner.
Instantly document everything, from proof of delivery to a damaged package, with the 8MP autofocus colour camera.
Make your team’s lives easier with a touchscreen large enough to show all the info you need without scrolling, that’s as easy to see outdoors as indoors.
Get hold of your team anytime, anywhere, with instant voice connection and secure text messaging that lets you talk to one person, a specific group, or the whole team at the press of a button.
Do away with delays due to dying devices thanks to a battery guaranteed to last all day. (And even when you do run low there’s still no need to stop and charge – just snap on the PowerPack extended battery and keep working.)
Rest easy knowing your tech is as resilient as your team, with a durable design that can handle being dropped, rained on, getting trapped under heavy equipment, having coffee spilled on it, and being taken into hot or sub-zero temps.
MC9300: The ultra-rugged mobile computer
Another strength of Qnetex is how it helps you run a better organised and more efficient warehouse, not only with unrivalled depth and flexibility of stock recording but because it’s designed to be used on the move. So your teams need tech that’s just as mobile. The MC9300 is perfectly weighted and has an easy-hold pistol-like grip, a large touchscreen that’s easy to read indoors and out, and a battery with the most power in its class and super-fast charging capabilities. It’s also quick and simple to pair with scanners, printers, or headsets.
Just a few of the things you can
do with the MC9300
Keep your team’s tasks uninterrupted with the combination of a touchscreen and a keypad, both of which work perfectly even if someone’s wearing thick gloves or the screen is wet.
Capture any electronic or printed barcode, in virtually any condition – including labels on boxes and pallets that contain multiple barcodes – with a scanner that works first time from a range of 3 inches to 70 feet.
Keep your team working smoothly in any environment, with tech that’s not affected by temperature – including the freezer – and that’s safe to be used alongside hazardous materials.
Instantly document everything in high definition, from product damage to proof of compliance, with the option for a 13MP colour rear-facing camera (which takes video as well as still images).
Keep noise and distractions to a minimum in a busy warehouse by working in the handy vibrate mode.
Rest easy knowing your tech is as resilient as your team, with a durable design that’s waterproof, drop-proof, and dust-proof.
Talk to us about what you need
We can also help you with things like ring scanners, label printers (both desktop and on-belt), or rugged laptops for use on forklifts – whatever kit you need to get Qnetex in the palms of your people’s hands. Just get in touch and we’ll make sure you’ve got all the hardware you need to roll out your new system as smoothly as possible.