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Make your deliveries faster, safer, and easier to track

Plug in our Qdrop app to your existing ERP, and your drivers will not only be able to easily record POD data on the spot – from time-stamped photos and signatures to details of damaged or refused goods – but they can share it with your customer service team in real time through the journey dashboard. Combined with our vehicle tracking, this means you can know the status of every delivery without having to manually check in with the drivers. You’re getting more control over your outgoing stock, empowering your team, and giving your customers a top-notch service – all with one app.

Just a few of the things you can do with Qdrop

Get safety information in real time as drivers carry out and record vehicle checks.

Take notes, photos, and capture signatures with GPS time stamps – so there’s tangible evidence of drops. (But there’s also flexibility to skip or take out elements like signatures, if you’re doing a drop and drive delivery.)
Make adjustments to a customer’s order on the spot, easily recording damages and refused deliveries, and get prompted if the customer is returning goods that need to be collected and logged.

Let your customer service team see exactly what’s happening and when with the journey dashboard, which tracks deliveries in real time – so they can answer customer questions, identify failed deliveries, and immediately follow up on any issues like missing items or bad feedback.

Stay connected with your drivers throughout the day with vehicle tracking, getting a map view of all your vehicles at once or zooming in on one vehicle and following their route.

Keep customers in the loop without extra work from your team, with automated notifications that tell them when their order’s been confirmed and dispatched and let them track their delivery in real time.

Qdrop makes it easier to…
Stay on top of your data
With the ability to record all delivery details – from photos and signatures to refused deliveries and returns – on the spot, there’s no need for extra paperwork or staff time spent re-keying information. Drivers can also carry out and record vehicle checks and log their working hours – which means it’s easier for you to measure both individual performance and the overall efficiency of your delivery procedures.
Manage your fleet
Vehicle tracking allows you to see the exact location of all your active vehicles. This means you’ll know which vehicles are close enough to be diverted to help with an issue, you can keep an eye on the health and safety of your drivers (e.g. you can see if they’ve been stationary for a long time during bad weather), or you can more quickly recover a vehicle that’s broken down. It not only saves time and money, it also gives you – and your drivers – better peace of mind.
Keep customers happy

Thanks to the journey dashboard, POD data is logged and shared in real time – so your customer service team can know the status of every delivery without having to manually check in with the drivers. That means they can quickly and easily answer questions and solve problems when customers get in touch – or even be proactive and follow up on things like missing items or failed deliveries just minutes after the issue occurs. The dashboard also provides the data that lets customers track their own orders and deliveries, meaning they’re already in the loop without your team having to do anything extra.

Hear from a happy customer

“In Customer Services the one question we get over and over again is ‘When’s my delivery going to arrive?’

Until now we’ve never had a way of knowing this, so we’ve had to call the driver to ask when they thinks they’ll be there and then call the customer back to let them know. And if the driver gets delayed we have to call the customer again and so on. All in all, we used to spend a lot of time on the phone going between the driver and the customer.

Now we have the Qnetex journey board all that’s changed! It shows us all the deliveries we have planned for the day broken down by journey, so we can easily see if the driver is en route to the customer or how far away he is. All the deliveries are colour coded which makes it really easy to see what’s happening on the road. Beforehand, if there was an issue with the delivery we’d have to wait until the driver returned to find out what the problem was. But with the journey board we can just click on the box to find out exactly what the problem was. So we can call the customer straight away to resolve the issue immediately. Sometimes we know there’s been a problem even before the customer does!

Since getting Qnetex our customer service ratings have really improved and we have a much more coherent view of the service we’re providing.”

Nick, a seaside-loving customer services manager in Warwickshire who thinks the Beatles are unquestionably the best band of all time

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