Meet our team

Although CSD has grown and changed over the years, our core team have been working together for the best part of 20 years – which means we know each other, our sector, and our tech inside out.

The directors. Meet Helen, Ian, Paul, and Peter, who are all shareholders in the business. They make sure that CSD is running well and staying ahead of the curve of our industry, between them managing everything from business strategy, innovation, and finance to marketing and HR.

The developers. Introducing Ian, Ross, Archie, Jakub, and Stephen, the furiously-peddling legs underneath the smooth-sailing swan that is Qnetex. It’s their hard work, technical knowledge, and quick thinking that makes your software both amazingly capable and brilliantly straightforward at the same time.

The consultants. Say hello to Ian, Paul, Stephen, Jon, Tim, and Archie, as you’re going to get to know them really really well. When you choose Qnetex you’ll get one of these smart, helpful guys assigned to you as your systems expert, so you’ve always got someone on hand to answer questions, solve problems, and help you plan for how the software can grow with your business.

The caretakers. Give a big wave to Rosie, Bernice, Shaun, and Ned, who do a fine job of keeping the grass around our offices nice and trim. They’re a bit of a handful at work parties, but they’re very useful when the paper shredder’s broken.

We’ve got a 30-year history with the foodservice sector
Set up in 1990 to develop software for companies across the wholesale and distribution marketplace, CSD has been supporting foodservice businesses right from the start. But as the years have gone by, we’ve chosen to concentrate on how our software can serve the idiosyncrasies of the food sector – gradually narrowing the focus of the business to solely supporting foodservice brands like yours.

So we’ve been able to take huge amounts of technical learning from years of working with a fascinating range of customers (including designing a stock-control system for the MoD Land Forces, which they still deploy all around the world) and combine that with our 30 years of experience in the food sector. Which means we’ve designed Qnetex in a way that’s not only hugely flexible and capable, but also thoughtfully tailored to the specific challenges and processes of your foodservice business.

We’re serious about building partnerships

Software is what we make, not what we do. We’re here to help your company succeed, by making sure your processes are as efficient as possible and that they’re supported by smart, straightforward technology that helps you reach your business goals. So we don’t just hand over your software and walk away. We’re in this for the long haul, always ready to make sure Qnetex keeps doing exactly what you need it to do – and always here to answer questions, solve problems, and plan for changes so the system can grow as your business does.

We’re proud of our high standards
Anyone can say they’re committed to quality – but we’ve put our money (and time) where our mouths are. We’ve earned the ISO 9001 (2015) mark, an internationally-recognised standard that shows we’ve done the work it takes to make sure the software we offer you is consistently excellent.

It means we’ve had to develop clear targets, and processes to make sure we hit them, for everything from staff training to customer service and business innovation (and we make those objectives public, so just email us if you want to take a look). Then every year independent auditors come and check over all our internal policies and processes, interview our team, and observe us working and interacting with customers, so they can be sure we’re making the grade. So when we tell you our software – and our service – is high-quality, we’ve got the proof to back it up.