Make your ERP package seamless and failsafe

You need a way to host your Qnetex ERP system and keep everything working come what may. But getting your own on-premise hardware can cost a small fortune, and you’d have to employ IT staff to look after it for you, too.

There is another way. Choose CSD Qstage Hosting and we’ll host your Qnetex solution for you, saving you any outlay on equipment and making operations much more efficient.

Through the hosting service, we’ll be able to access your platform to iron out any issues and make sure the system is always working at its very best. So you can concentrate on keeping your customers happy, while we concentrate on the tech behind the scenes.

Your way is the best way

Our hosting gives you the flexibility to host and run the service the way that suits you best. Log in via Office 365 and manage everything centrally. Or set up your users directly into Qnetex. We can also add other types of account, including Google.

Just a few of the things you’ll
be able to do

Work securely

The Azure Front Door acts as your web application firewall to secure all your apps, keeping users, data and systems safe.

Stay up and running

Let’s say an entire Azure region fails. It’s extremely unlikely, but say it did. In that instance, your data would remain safe and we’d get you back up and running before you knew it. And if you can’t afford to have a single second of downtime, we also offer an enhanced georedundancy option.

Get the support you need
from the get go

We will work with your IT department or service providers to integrate your architecture with our products. We can take care of everything from domain names to handheld device certificates if you need them.

Have everything you need
at your fingertips

We’ve put together the perfect solution for hosting Qnetex ERP, including everything you need to manage your orders and service your customers. From an email delivery service through to backup functionality and storage, it’s all configured and ready to go.

So let’s talk about what you need

If you’d like seamless support for your Qnetex solution, and want to avoid spending money on installing hardware and employing IT experts, ask us how we can help. We’ll show you how straightforward hosting can be, and how it can help to keep your operations running reliably.