Your customers

Better understand and support your customers

Qnetex ERP helps you keep track of each customer’s orders, interactions, and preferences in a single profile – so you can more easily keep them happy and more confidently help them when they need it. You can also generate insights from across those profiles, getting a clear view of how efficient your processes are, measuring the success of marketing campaigns, and pinpointing trends – growing your business using data, not guesswork.

Just a few of the things you can do with Qnetex

Log and view every bit of customer information in one place – from their order history and routine interactions with your team to any complaints or special requests.
Search a customer’s order history to bring up the products they buy most often, so creating new orders for them is quicker and simpler.
Get real-time stock information, so you know if you can give your customer what they’re asking for.
Log out-of-stock orders, which will automatically be fulfilled as soon as there’s new stock without anyone having to manually check availability and trigger the order.
Manage stock returns – from a customer’s initial request through to the goods being collected and returned to the warehouse.
Create workflows, so that both individuals and teams can more easily complete or assign key tasks – like scheduling meetings with customers, responding to queries, or making new sales approaches.

Qnetex makes it easier to…

Keep customers happy

When anyone in the team can see a customer’s orders, queries, or history at a glance – and know the information is up to date – it means that everyone can deal quickly and confidently with any customer. Rather than having to find whoever helped last time, or log into multiple systems to find the right data, your whole team can easily answer questions and give clear, accurate information.

Grow your sales

As well as bringing in new business, we know your team will be focused on increasing sales to the customers you already have. Detailed customer profiles make it easier to understand the context of people’s buying decisions and spot patterns and opportunities. The system also identifies related products and higher-value alternatives, supporting your sales reps to cross-sell and up-sell.

Make smart decisions

With all your customer data in one place, transforming information into insight is much simpler. Having an eye on the big picture means your team can pinpoint trends and gain real understanding of customer behaviour – learning which products are most popular and why, spotting common problem areas, and tracking the success of key marketing campaigns or special offers.

Hear from a happy customer

“The best thing about Qnetex? It’s handed us a much bigger share of our customers’ wallets!

One of the problems we’ve always had is that we’ve never been able to get an overall picture of customers’ accounts and the products they prefer. Some customers order using the product code, others by the name of the product, and others according to the items they’ve bought previously. And some customers can be very vague and just expect us to know which brand or pack size they want! So in the past we had quite a few issues with customers getting the wrong goods – and even when they got the right ones it was often just such a long and complicated process to make that happen.

Now in Qnetex we’ve got a clever search feature that instantly tells us if a product is in stock so we don’t waste time offering something that’s not available. We can see if an item is on promotion or if the customer has a special price so if the customer just asks for tuna, say, we can help get the best deal for them. Plus Qnetex looks at what people have brought previously and works out which are the most important products for them, which is amazing when we’re upselling at the end of the order because we can easily check that the customer hasn’t missed something they really need.

There’s no question that Qnetex is responsible for how much smoother and more positive our customer relationships are now.”

Jon, an ice-cream-enjoying sales rep in Hertfordshire who has an impressive collection of novelty shot glasses

Want the benefits of online trading without the hassle and cost of taking online payments?

 A plug-in that works with either Qnetex or your existing ERP, Qshop is a non-transactional online shop which lets your customers log in to their accounts at any time and from any device. That way they can order at their convenience, not yours. Powered by the latest AI technology, it learns about your customers’ habits and preferences and automatically handles cross-sells and upsells – so your sales are growing without any extra work from your team.

Qnetex supports every area of your business

Your purchasing

Organise and automate your purchasing processes – so you can buy and hold as little stock as possible, while always having what you need to keep customers happy.

Your warehouse

Know exactly what stock you’ve got and where it is, with software designed to be used on the move – so you can get the right goods in and out of the door, faster.

Your deliveries

Track and get information on your deliveries as they happen – saving time and money and helping you resolve any problems just minutes after they occur.