Your purchasing

Make smarter, more strategic stock decisions

Qnetex ERP helps you organise and automate your buying processes, freeing up your team to focus on the strategic side of purchasing. And because you can bring together all the factors that influence your buying decisions in one view – from historical and forecasted sales to stock figures and expiry dates – you’ll have the insights you need to make smart decisions about both your stock and your suppliers.

Just a few of the things you can do with Qnetex

Create supplier profiles so your buyers can quickly view all the details of your relationship with each supplier, including historical orders and any interactions your team have had with them.

Manage current communications with suppliers, including emailing orders to them directly from the software.

Review and edit suggested orders, automatically generated by the system – plus quickly create emergency orders.

Create and manage a schedule of available delivery times, making it easier for your warehouse team to plan for their day.

Bring up key information – like current stock figures or sales history – quickly and easily in one view.

Use sales figures – both historical and forecasted – to generate suggested order volumes, which you can also influence by adjusting key supplier and product factors (like a supplier’s minimum requirements).

Qnetex makes it easier to…

Free up your team

While you can review and edit your automated processes anytime, once they’re up and running they tick along efficiently all by themselves. So you’ve got huge flexibility within the software, as well as complete control when you need it – but people’s time and skills can be spent on more strategic tasks, like strengthening key processes and improving integration between teams.

Hold optimal levels of stock

Qnetex allows you to see all the factors that influence your purchasing decisions in a single glance. You can incorporate everything from historical and forecasted sales to current stock figures and stock expiry dates – giving you the insight you need to buy and hold as little stock as possible, while always having what you need to keep customers happy.

Save more money

When you have a clear picture of your ordering patterns, it’s a lot easier to identify key supplier relationships to invest time in. Knowing things like which suppliers get a good chunk of your purchasing spend, or which products you consistently buy in bulk from the same supplier, puts you in a strong position to negotiate discounts or develop partnership opportunities.

Hear from a happy customer

“As a buyer, it’s a given that I want my ERP system to give me accurate predictions of how much stock we’ll need to purchase and to let me see all the information that will influence my decision on a single screen. But it’s all the little extras I get with Qnetex that make my role so much more efficient.

For one thing, it works out how much we should buy using a calculation which smooths out any peaks or troughs in the ordering pattern, so if there are any unusual spikes in sales they don’t have an undue impact. Plus it takes into account events which happen every year but at a different time, like Easter, so we get a consistent forecast year on year instead of seeing a big drop or increase in sales for certain periods like we used to.

The best thing is that Qnetex is so incredibly accurate in its predictions. We’ve made significant reductions in our costs and stock holding, while still offering our customers the great service they’re used to.

It’s honestly such an impressive system and has not only made my job easier but allows me to do business in a much more strategic and effective way.”

Dean, a triathlon-mad buyer in Oxfordshire who wears a tie to work every day without fail

Qnetex supports every area of your business

Your customers

Keep all your sales and customer data in one place – so you can more confidently help them when they need it, as well as generate insights and spot trends and opportunities.

Your warehouse

Know exactly what stock you’ve got and where it is, with software designed to be used on the move – so you can get the right goods in and out of the door, faster.

Your deliveries

Track and get information on your deliveries as they happen – saving time and money and helping you resolve any problems just minutes after they occur.