Your deliveries

Make your deliveries faster and easier to track

Qnetex ERP’s drag-and-drop route-planning tool will save your transport team time and headaches, as well as giving them confidence that they’re maximising the number of deliveries for each vehicle. Plus, drivers can not only easily record POD data on the spot – from time-stamped photos and signatures to details of damaged or refused goods – but journey dashboards and vehicle tracking mean you can view that information in real time. So any issues can be dealt with just minutes after they occur.

Just a few of the things you can do with Qnetex

Use the drag-and-drop route-planning tool to organise driver journeys quickly and simply.

Take notes, photos, and capture signatures with GPS time stamps – so there’s tangible evidence of drops. (But there’s also flexibility to skip or take out elements like signatures, if you’re doing a drop and drive delivery.)
Make adjustments to a customer’s order on the spot, easily recording damages and refused deliveries, and get prompted if the customer is returning goods that need to be collected and logged.

Let your customer service team see exactly what’s happening and when with the journey dashboard, which tracks deliveries in real time – so they can answer customer questions, identify failed deliveries, and immediately follow up on any issues like missing items or bad feedback.

Stay connected with your drivers throughout the day with vehicle tracking, getting a map view of all your vehicles at once or zooming in on one vehicle and following their route.

Keep customers in the loop without extra work from your team, with automated notifications that tell them when their order’s been confirmed and dispatched and let them track their delivery in real time.

Qnetex makes it easier to…

Stay on top of your data

With the ability to record all delivery details – from photos and signatures to refused deliveries and returns – on the spot, there’s no need for extra paperwork or staff time spent re-keying information. Drivers can also carry out and record vehicle checks and log their working hours – which means it’s easier for you to measure both individual performance and the overall efficiency of your delivery procedures.

Plan the best routes

Our drag-and-drop route-planning tool helps your transport team organise driver journeys quickly and simply, making it easier to manage different variables (like vehicle size or time-sensitive deliveries) and make last-minute changes. Yet there’s also flexibility for drivers to plan their own routes or deviate from the automated route if they need to – like if there’s an accident or unexpected road works. Either way, thanks to vehicle tracking you’ll always know exactly where they are.

Keep customers happy

Thanks to the journey dashboard, POD data is logged and shared in real time – so your customer service team can know the status of every delivery without having to manually check in with the drivers. That means they can quickly and easily answer questions and solve problems when customers get in touch – or even be proactive and follow up on things like missing items or failed deliveries just minutes after the issue occurs. The dashboard also provides the data that lets customers track their own orders and deliveries, meaning they’re already in the loop without your team having to do anything extra.

Hear from a happy customer

“The Qnetex route planning screen has been a complete game-changer for the guys in our Transport team!

We used to spend literally hours every day planning our deliveries by printing out each route then manually moving drops from one route to another, which was a really frustrating and time-consuming process. But with Qnetex that’s a thing of the past.

We now have this amazing drag-and-drop screen that shows us all the deliveries for each route. When we want to change the sequence of drops or move deliveries to another route we just click on a customer’s delivery and drop it into the right position. We can see all the details for the route and each drop, and the system highlights there and then if a route is overloaded so we know instantly if there’s a problem. And the screen auto-refreshes every few minutes to include orders as they’re made, so you know you’re working with completely up-to-date information.

It’s smart but so simple to use, and the whole process takes a fraction of the time it used to. So now the team are free to focus on giving our customers the best possible service.”

Rebecca, a post-it-obsessed route coordinator in Northamptonshire who also designs jewellery in her spare time

Qnetex supports every area of your business

Your customers

Keep all your sales and customer data in one place – so you can more confidently help them when they need it, as well as generate insights and spot trends and opportunities.

Your purchasing

Organise and automate your purchasing processes – so you can buy and hold as little stock as possible, while always having what you need to keep customers happy.

Your warehouse

Know exactly what stock you’ve got and where it is, with software designed to be used on the move – so you can get the right goods in and out of the door, faster.

Want to use Qnetex on the go?

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