Your hunch is right…

Peter van der Merwe - CEO
15th June 2022

If you’re anything like me, these past few months will have been a slightly conflicted time for you.

While a lot of foodservice businesses are breathing sighs of relief and rushing to embrace this ‘return to normality’ (and personally I’ll admit to being happy to get back into the office) quite a few CEOs and leaders in our sector have a hunch that the toughest times are still to come.

The eye of the COVID storm may have passed, but clearly, it’s left the landscape of the foodservice industry significantly changed – and with fuel prices continuing to rise I believe you’re right not to be complacent and assume the old status quo will return.

A lot of companies have found the expectations of their customers to be uncomfortably different now. The shift of so much of life into the online realm has left people wanting (often demanding) a much quicker, slicker experience. Yet a lot of foodservice businesses just don’t have the systems or processes in place to offer that.

Is that something your teams have been struggling with? 

If so, I just wanted to share a paper my colleagues and I produced recently, which offers some practical ideas for tackling four of the biggest challenges we see companies like yours facing right now – ‘Has your foodservice business got a post-pandemic mindset?’

The past 2 years has created the conditions for one of the biggest industry revolutions of our time, and we believe there’s a relatively small window for making the changes that will ensure your business doesn’t get left behind.

So do have a look through the paper and I hope you find it useful, as we move into this less obviously pressured but still challenging ‘new normal’.

So what is Qnetex?

Qnetex is a smart, straightforward ERP that helps you spot the opportunities that can grow your foodservice business by managing everything you do in one place. In a single system you can handle everything from processing orders and managing stock to organising your warehouse and coordinating deliveries. And as it’s based online and hosted on the cloud, your teams can get real-time information and insights from across the business anytime, anywhere, on any device.

If you want to find out more just take a look at or feel free to get in touch. You won’t have to go through a sales rep or endure a copy-and-paste pitch about our software – you can just email me on and I will happily answer any questions you have.