Pets and video calls are a difficult mix

Peter van der Merwe - CEO
11th May 2022

I’ve lost count of the number of times my dog has clearly felt that the video call I’m having would be vastly improved if his face was heavily featured. I’ve also caught more than a few glimpses of many of my colleagues’ and customers’ pets, small children, and spouses over recent months.

The lockdowns have significantly changed the way we communicate, both personally and professionally – and they’ve also highlighted issues that many companies can no longer afford to ignore. Namely, the breakdowns in communication that are occurring due to individual teams having very different processes and systems for storing and using data. Again and again I hear businesses sharing how hard and how slow it is to share information on a day-to-day basis – never mind getting insights to inform longer-term strategy.

In fact, this is one of the four key challenges my colleagues and I address in our recent paper Has your foodservice business got a post-pandemic mindset?’ 

If you’d appreciate some practical ideas for re-thinking how your teams communicate and connect, then do take a look. (I’m only sorry that it doesn’t contain any advice for how to keep pets from disrupting video calls. If I find the answer to that, I’ll let you know.)

So what is Qnetex?

Qnetex is a smart, straightforward ERP that helps you spot the opportunities that can grow your foodservice business by managing everything you do in one place. In a single system you can handle everything from processing orders and managing stock to organising your warehouse and coordinating deliveries. And as it’s based online and hosted on the cloud, your teams can get real-time information and insights from across the business anytime, anywhere, on any device.

If you want to find out more just take a look at or feel free to get in touch. You won’t have to go through a sales rep or endure a copy-and-paste pitch about our software – you can just email me on and I will happily answer any questions you have.