Hear from other business leaders just like you

Peter van der Merwe - CEO
23rd August 2022

Every company wants to convince you that their product is the best on the market. I’m sure you get a lot of marketing materials, crammed with details of fantastic features and benefits and quotes from confident CEOs.

I know I’m tempted to do the same – to rush into telling you all about our smart, flexible, capable ERP.

However, the reality is that you don’t really know us, so you haven’t got any reason to trust me yet. So I thought it might make more sense to let a few other people do the talking.

Take Savona’s Managing Director, Mike Morgan. He says that

“After more than a year using Qnetex we’ve got zero regrets about our choice”, adding that “The functionality is impressive – so far we haven’t found anything we need to be able to do that the system can’t handle”. He’s even willing to put numbers to the difference the system is making, sharing that “Its flexibility has been a game-changer – our error rate’s reduced by 75%”.

Tony Mackie, the IT Projects Manager at Bidfood, is also happy to share his team’s experience. He describes our software as

“so easy and intuitive to use that we’ve had no complaints at all, which has never happened before when implementing a new system”. He also told us that it’s been like “unlocking a treasure trove, as we’re now able to see and use a wealth of information that we knew was there but just couldn’t seem to get our hands on, giving us the insights we need to improve over the long term”.

If you would like to read our full interviews with them (which you can find here)  as a starting point to finding out more about Qnetex, rather than just taking my word for how good it is.

Also if you’d like to talk directly to either Mike or Tony, to ask your own questions about their experiences with Qnetex, then just email me  and I’ll be happy to put you in touch.