Have you met Brian?

Peter van der Merwe - CEO
14th July 2022

Recently I was talking to a very tired and frustrated CEO, who manages a foodservice business similar to yours, about his struggle to get a clear overall picture of their stock situation.

The disruption caused by the pandemic over the past 2 years really highlighted that his purchasing and warehousing teams were working in a very disconnected way, using completely different systems to manage and report on their data.

It’s not just inventory either. When all your individual teams track and store information in different ways, in different places, it can cause all kinds of issues – miscommunications between teams, confusion about customers’ orders, mistakes in the warehouse, delivery errors. It also makes it extremely hard to make informed, strategic decisions, as you can’t easily see the big picture of what’s going on in your company as a whole.

If those are frustrations you’re dealing with too, you should get to know Brian. He was up against a similar set of problems, and we’ve produced a video which shows you how our ERP (Qnetex) helped him solve them.

If you’re not a big fan of video, then here’s the heart of it – Qnetex lets you manage and view everything from sales and stock to your warehouse and deliveries, all in one place and from any device. You can read more about how it does that here.

But if you’ve got 98 seconds to spare, I think you might be surprised at how much you’ve got in common with Brian!