Bidfood hit the 10 millionth drop with Qdrop!

Helen Henshaw - CAO
14th May 2024

We are thrilled to be part of Bidfood’s journey, providing innovative solutions to enhance their logistics operations. Since the launch of Qdrop in 2018, we’ve been dedicated to supporting Bidfood in achieving greater efficiency and excellence in their delivery services.

Bidfood initially introduced Qdrop to remove paper waybills, capture electronic PODs and improve overall delivery performance for both them and their customers. Since its inception six years ago, Qdrop has continuously evolved with numerous enhancements and added functionalities.

Bidfood capture over 600k photos every month at point of delivery, aiding their depots with managing delivery queries.  With delivery point photos available for 25% of Bidfood’s customer base, drivers can safely and efficiently identify delivery locations, a capability that continues to grow week by week.

Nathan Wildbore, Head of Operational Change at Bidfood highlighted the Qdrop portal’s versatile reporting capabilities, serving as a valuable tool for various departments within Bidfood’s operations. He mentioned how it enables accurate data capture for reports that allows Bidfood to enhance service levels across the network. Examples include:

  • Recording times spent at a drop, allowing them to accurately propose delivery drop ratings, driving efficiencies in routing.
  • Capturing asset movements, making it a great tool to manage their cages.
  • Recording delivery times, ensuring they are delivering within the window set.
  • Credits that are raised by the driver being auto generated directly into their ERP system, reducing time taken to issue credits to customers when required.
  • Customer communication emails being developed to include pre- notification of departure with trackable vehicle maps and post-delivery with details of any shortages.

Nathan remarks, “Qdrop has been a game-changer for us, enhancing our logistics operations with its versatile reporting capabilities. We’re grateful for the ongoing support from CSD and look forward to further advancements with the upcoming major version update.”

We look forward to continuing this journey together.