We know you’ve been burned before…

Peter van der Merwe - CEO
8th November 2022

We’d had some negative experiences before, of getting stuck in very unhelpful ‘parent-child’ type relationships with ERP providers… Going through a reseller had also burned us financially in the past, in terms of significant costs any time we wanted to make even small changes to the system.”

Sound familiar?

This is what Savona told us when we first started talking with them about the kind of ERP they were looking for. It’s something we’ve heard from a lot of other foodservice businesses as well, and it’s one of our biggest frustrations with others in the software industry.

So we’re very deliberate about doing things differently. Investing in our system isn’t about buying a product, it’s about beginning a partnership. We don’t just hand over your software and walk away – we stay around to make sure Qnetex keeps doing what you need it to do, always ready to answer questions, solve problems, and plan for changes so your ERP can evolve as your business does.

We like to be clear about our approach right from the start, too. That’s why we don’t just invite people to click a link and ‘book a demo’, sitting them in front of salespeople who often only know the surface details of the software they’re pitching.

If you want to explore Qnetex further then the people you’ll speak with will be me and our Chief Technical Officer, Ian Hampson. That way we can have a proper two-sided conversation, finding out more about the particular challenges your business is facing and going into however much detail you want about how Qnetex could help. We’re also happy to let you have a look around the system yourself, so you’ll see what your team would be working with.

(Which is why we find it so encouraging to hear that this more open approach is resonating with people – for example Savona sharing recently that the partnership they now have with us is “definitely a peer-to-peer relationship, where [CSD are] very respectful, accessible, and responsive as well as bringing huge amounts of wholesale experience and expertise to the table.”)

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If you’d like to have that kind of 1-1 conversation to learn more about how Qnetex could support your business, all you need to do is email me at peter@csd-qnetex.com and we can get a video call booked in.