How to make the most out of your technology in the foodservice industry

Peter van der Merwe - CEO
12th October 2022

The classic adage ‘time is money’ has become a bit of a cliché, I know. But in my experience things reach cliché status because they’re true enough to be used repeatedly!

Certainly I’ve heard this phrase a lot over the past 2 years, as the pressure of the pandemic and increasing fuel prices has forced businesses to take a closer look at spending and it’s become painfully clear how much the labour involved in manually-administered processes is costing.

The pace of change in the technology available to foodservice businesses has been rapid in the last five years particularly, although the pace of take-up remains slow. However, I believe the changes wrought by the COVID-19 crisis have now made the glaring efficiency gap between automated and manual processes impossible to ignore for any business that intends to stay relevant.

That’s why we’ve focused on giving Qnetex such significant automation capabilities.

It’s designed to streamline everything from your customer service (think auto-generated orders for recurring customers and system-identified up/cross-selling opportunities) and stock management (AI-assisted sales forecasting, suggested order volumes, and a self-serve portal for suppliers) to your deliveries (our automated route planning and live journey dashboard being the most popular). Yet it’s also easy to review and edit the automated processes anytime, so you’ve got complete control when you need it.

You can find out more about how Qnetex will speed up every area of your business right here, along with a whole host of examples and stories from our customers about the impact of freeing up their teams to focus on more strategic work.